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luxury desert retreat destinations in the world

3 Luxury Desert Retreats Destinations

From stargazing in Namibia to hiking the ancient canyons of Utah, these three luxury desert retreats destinatons offer the perfect solace from a noisy world. 

Stargazing Namibia – Namib Desert, South Africa

The Namib Desert in South Africa is the world’s oldest desert. Arid for 55 million years, the region has had a profound influence on biodiversity and the evolution of desert species with advanced adaptations to the dry conditions. Its 530,000 acres of uninterrupted wilderness stand isolated between the ocean and desert escarpment. Namib, meaning “immense,” lives up to its name with sweeping dunes, gravel plains, and rugged mountains forming Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserve. 

Above the And Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, skies stretch far and wide, creating the perfect juxtaposition between contemporary luxury and natural beauty. Enjoy sunsets from 715-foot dunes, take morning flights above the desert in a helicopter or hot air balloon, or simply relax in the private pool of your luxury suite. This luxury desert getaway is ideal for stunning scenery, stargazing, and romantic vacations.

Utah Escape – Utah, USA

The Utah Desert has experienced many geological transformations throughout history that have sculpted its scenic diversity today. Oceans and inland seas once covered it, only to disappear into drylands. Topography has risen into mountains and valleys and fallen into flat plains. Even its elevation has changed, rising from sea level to over two miles above sea level. Its geologic past dates back 540 million years. Rocks older than the Paleozoic Age are exposed in the Raft River Range, Uinta Mountains, and parts of the Wasatch Range, revealing clues into the past formation of the land.


This desert is a year-round destination with mild temperatures and ample seclusion. Its best for those seeking silence and an opportunity to explore world-famous natural parks at their own pace and on their own terms. Explore the Grand Canyon by private tour, hike ancient rock formations at sunrise, experience Monument Valley by helicopter, or relax into a rejuvenating spa experience. If your goal is to unplug and reconnect with nature, this is your luxury desert retreat!


Desert Oasis Escape – Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai 

A stunning oasis with distant views of rolling dunes and the AL Hajar Mountains, this luxury desert experience offers ideal opportunities to explore Dubai’s natural, less urban atmosphere without losing the elegance of a luxury resort. 


In 1999, 70 Arabian Oryx and 6,000 indigenous trees and shrubs were re-introduced and planted to preserve wildlife and save disappearing desert habitats. By 2003, The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) was created to protect the last remaining desert landscape left in pristine condition, covering 225 square kilometers and 4.7% of Dubai’s total land area. Now, summer is the quietest time of year for the Dubai Conservation Reserve, but the gazelle and Oryx roam the grounds all year long. Enjoy dune-diving and camel rides at sunset, a pampering day at the spa, and world-class cuisine. This luxury desert retreat will not disappoint.


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