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a guide to ambon of the spice islands indonesia

A Guide to Ambon

Ambon is the Capital of the Maluku Islands in Eastern Indonesia and was first colonized by Portuguese Europeans in the year 1512. The island endured hundreds of years of wars and negotiations over its mountainous lands until Indonesia won its independence in 1945. Flourishing with opportunities to export and trade spices, including nutmeg, mace, and clove, the fertile grounds for these once rare delicacies became known as “The Spice Islands.”


Today, Ambon revels in a fascinating history untapped by tourism, offering a tropical haven for adventurous travelers looking to step off the beaten path. It still thrives as the center of production for several spices and has added cocoa, coffee, fruit, fish, lobster, and pearls to its trade and export list.


Now, you can skip isolation layovers at the airport and sail straight to Spice Islands in secluded comfort aboard a premium selection of luxury yachts. Enjoy a world-class diving experience and snorkel the vibrant “Coral Triangle” as it supports some of the world’s highest numbers of coral and fish species, including blue-spotted stingrays, parrotfish, gigantic Napoleon wrasse, and whale sharks. Dry off on the pristine beaches set before volcanic mountain ranges and tropical wetlands, and visit timeless villages, including Moya and Gurabunga, rich with ancient traditions and cultures. Explore the ruins of forts left behind by Europeans from long ago as they defended the lands of spice they hoped to claim as their own. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can trek to the highest point in North Maluku and take in the magnificent views of the surrounding islands.


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*Aman Indonesia is now quarantine free.

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