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Luxury Travel Designers

making your travel dreams come true

Who we are

Flagship Luxury Expeditions team of luxury travel designers creates and customizes extraordinary vacations based on years of experience and knowledge to build itineraries that will make your travel dreams come true.


We focus on highly experiential, bespoke vacations that are tailored to suit each specific guest as we believe this is the best way for people to truly learn and benefit from travel around the world. 


The company began with a dream of our own: to shine a light on destinations around the world that ignite the senses, stir the soul and offer a genuine escape from the pressures of the modern world.


Founder Shane Lewis wanted to share these destinations in a way that would do both them, and those that visit them, justice. The key is in bespoke, thoughtful travel design that is tailored to showcase the best of each destination for each and every guest, offering the highest quality of service every step of the way. 



Our aim is to make your travel dreams come true, with first-class customer service enhancing the amazing destinations that we can take you to.


We take care of everything from transportation and transfers to hospitality, epicurean cuisine and five-star accommodation, including the finest details along the way. 


Each and every Flagship vacation is personalized, including the option to travel by private jet or luxury yacht. 


Our portfolio is constantly growing, providing travelers with the opportunity for new experiences in new destinations. Working with local communities, world-renowned partners and an award-winning team of luxury travel designers, Flagship Luxury Expeditions will ensure that your vacation is truly a dream come true.


Trust the Experts

Our highly experienced team of professional travel designers arrange fully customized experiences on all seven continents around the world. We focus on natural wonders reached by air, sea or land, enhanced by culinary discovery and individualised adventures. Trust us to help you to live your travel dreams. 

flagship luxury travel experts

Giving Back to the Community

Flagship Luxury Expeditions is dedicated to working alongside communities to improve their environments and preserving the last untouched destinations of the world.


Founder Shane Lewis sits on the board of WORLD DREAM FOUNDATION and we work closely with them in their mission to connect poverty-stricken people to better lives and make this world a better place for ourselves and our future generations.

What We Do

Unique routes, unspoiled destinations and amazing adventures, individually crafted to share our love of nature, discovery and luxury travel