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Aman Private Jet

Fly On a Bombadier Global 5000 For An Exclusive Vacation Experience



15,545m Max Altitude

The Executive

The Aman Private Jet is an airborne extension of the Aman resort philosophy – an intimate and wholly personalisable experience where every element is bespoke to the passenger’s wishes. Catering for both
short and long-haul trips as well as multi-destination journeys, the Aman Private Jet is ideal for group, family and corporate travel.


Cabin Length : 12.41m

Cabin Width : 2.41m

Cabin Height : 1.88m

Explore Aman Jet Journeys

The Grandest Tour

Set out on a round-the-world expedition where you’ll travel by private jet and stay at the most luxurious Aman properties. Embrace the culture and pristine landscapes of countries like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Greece on your journey. This expedition is truly a first of its kind in the 21st century.


From Kyoto to Greece

This unforgettable private jet expedition includes authentic experiences, unique cultural immersions and exquisite local cuisines. Begin your journey in what was once the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto, stop at a private island in the Philippines, explore the luxurious city of Dubai, and end your journey in the pure nature of Greece.
7-23 SEPTEMBER 2022