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Explore Antarctica like Sir Ernest Shackleton

Antarctica Awaits

Celebrate Antarctica’s greatest explorer, Ernest Shackleton, on the 100th anniversary of his Imperial Trans-Atlantic Expedition! Learn how exploring the stunning white desert of the arid South Pole for a once-in-a-lifetime is a chance to re-live history.

White Desert Expeditions

Antarctica sets a dramatic scene for an adventure unlike anything else in the world. Stunningly expansive, its vast, open spaces feature sprawling snow drifts, iceberg-flanked passageways, and glass-like ocean waters. Explorers from all over the globe come to this Southernmost continent to marvel at its other-worldly beauty. While virtually uninhabitable, climate-ready shelters designed to withstand the temperatures of this remote destination offer full immersion into the Antarctic landscape without sacrificing a single luxury comfort.

white desert echo sky pods

Sleep Like an Astronaut, Live Like an Explorer

Inspired by the unintrusive minimalism of astronaut dwellings in space, White Desert’s Echo Sky Pods offer an out-of-this-world adventure without ever leaving Earth. The intimate grouping of six state-of-the-art glamping pods features composite fiberglass walls with floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views of the icy plains and snow-capped mountains. Designed with the climate in mind, these eco-friendly pods can be easily dismantled and carried away without a trace.

cycling in the antactica

Ski, Hike, Climb, Traverse

If you’re going to explore like Shackleton on expedition, you should adventure like him too! Mountains, ice, and top-of-the-line gear for every snow sport available create the most opportune setting for once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences. Take your pick of fat-tire bikes for cycling through the snow, cross-country skies, abseiling, ice climbing, Skidoo tours, Arctic safari expeditions by truck, camping, mountaineering, and the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of every Arctic explorer.

Your Flagship Expedition to Antarctica

At Flagship, we’re constantly breaking new ground to offer the most exceptionally unique experiences in dream locations all over the world. We find the most interesting locations with the highest luxuries and most exciting opportunities for adventure, encouraging travelers to journey, rest, and live like never before. Contact us to start planning your next great adventure!

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