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By Sea: Sail on a Luxury Yacht

Your exclusive and lavishly appointed private yacht will be hand chosen to ensure your luxury expedition provides only the utmost comfort and relaxation as you make your way to Raja Ampat, Spice Islands, Cenderawasih Bay, and Komodo National Park. 

Prepare to revel in the beauty of the cresting seas as you smoothly sail, snorkel, and dive. You will soak in the beauty of fresh landscapes as you hike though pristine scenery once on land. And of course, you will dine on only the finest gourmet cuisine, thoughtfully prepared to your tastes and liking. This is a truly exclusive experience designed for you to savor from sunrise to sunset.


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The Top 5 Best National Parks in the US

From Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to Zion National Park in Utah, here is the list of the 5 best national parks in the US.

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8 Day Luxury Yacht Itinerary in North Raja Ampat

This journey will allow you to explore the 1,500 island archipelago full of great diversity and unique sights of North Raja Ampat.

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What Makes a Travel Experience Luxury

There are a limitless number of places to go and ways to get there, so what actually makes a travel experience luxury?

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7 Day Luxury Yacht Itinerary in South Raja Ampat

Our 7 Day South Raja Ampat Expedition allows you to take in the wonders of the region aboard a luxurious yacht.

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Top 10 Places to Visit this Summer for Your Most Luxurious Travel Experience

This list compiles the top global destinations for luxury travel, both new and old, near and far.

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Our Predictions of Luxury Travel After Global Pandemic

With new protocols, changed mindsets, and an overall shift in lifestyles, luxury travel will undoubtedly be different after the pandemic.

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heart of bhutan kingdom

Finding Solitude and Magnificent Adventure in the Heart of Bhutan

Be one of the privileged few to visit the magical Kingdom of Bhutan. Enjoy a customized and luxurious experience

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Waigeo Culture of the Raja Ampat Islands

The Waigeo people come from a diverse lineage and a result of a cultural marriage between explorers, merchants and sultanates.

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Meet The Komodo Dragon & Fascinating Animals of Komodo Island

Ready for your adventure to the Komodo National Park? Enjoy a luxurious and personalized liveaboard experience with Flagship Luxury Expeditions!

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