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Dream With Us

Switzerland office:
7 chemin des Grangettes, 1224 Geneva
tel: +41223485871


Indonesia office:
Jalan Kerobokan No 98AD-AE, Badung – Bali
Tel: +62 811 3991 915
WhatsApp: +62 811 3991 915


    By Sea: Sail on a Luxury Yacht

    Your exclusive and lavishly appointed private yacht will be hand chosen to ensure your luxury expedition provides only the utmost comfort and relaxation as you make your way to Raja Ampat, Spice Islands, Cenderawasih Bay, and Komodo National Park. 

    Prepare to revel in the beauty of the cresting seas as you smoothly sail, snorkel, and dive. You will soak in the beauty of fresh landscapes as you hike though pristine scenery once on land. And of course, you will dine on only the finest gourmet cuisine, thoughtfully prepared to your tastes and liking. This is a truly exclusive experience designed for you to savor from sunrise to sunset.

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