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Luxury Culinary Vacations

Indulge in exquisite culinary travel experience in Unique Destinations

Enjoy Epicurean Cuisine on an Exotice Journey to the Spice Islands of Indonesia

Set sail with a top chef on a bespoke gastronomic tour to the Spice Islands in Indonesia. Enjoy the superb facilities of the luxury yacht of your choice, as you dine on the freshest bounty from the sea, explore fragrant nutmeg plantations, visit atmospheric spice markets and enjoy a memorable candle-lit dinner atop a historic fort.

Discover a new perspective on Bhutan's culture and traditions

Culinary tours in Bhutan provide a fascinating and exceptionally tasty culinary travel experience in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Forage for fabled matsutake mushrooms deep in the pine forests, indulge in nightly gourmet dining experiences, explore colorful farmers’ markets and visit ancient monasteries on a customized Flagship Culinary Expedition to Bhutan.

A luxury culinary vacation led by a top chef

Flagship Luxury Expeditions can also tailor chef-hosted culinary journeys according to personal taste and preference. Taking luxury sailing adventures and private jet journeys to a whole new level, each expedition is fully customized with the culinary experience top of mind. Whether you wish to take your taste buds on a journey to the Spice Islands, delve for fungi and fern tips deep in the forests of Bhutan, or prefer to create your own menus to personal taste, we will match you with a top chef to ensure that every meal is an experience worth savoring.

Why Choose a Flagship Luxury Culinary Travel Experience

Exclusive culinary tours

Flagship founder Shane Lewis is a renowned chef, famed for creating exclusive and exceptional culinary experiences for his discerning guests from around the world. He believes that gourmet cuisine is an essential element of luxury travel and is delighted to personally consult with all Flagship guests to create unique menus and thrilling dining experiences to ensure memories that you will cherish forever. Shane also leads fascinating chef-hosted culinary journeys to a range of destinations which can be fully customized to your preference.

The Taste of the Spice Islands

Discover the aromatic cuisine of the legendary Spice Islands with exotic dishes such as Kepiting Ketam Gulai, chilli and turmeric coconut crab curry and Gulai Ikan, a classic Indonesian dish with a Spice Island twist, featuring fresh fish, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger and turmeric. As well as signature dining events on board your luxury yacht, you will also enjoy gourmet picnics, casual cooking classes and atmospheric fish barbecues on pristine tropical isles.

Gourmet Cuisine Bhutan

Join Chef Shane Lewis on a Found and Foraged  expedition, a truly unique journey into the heart of Bhutan where you will indulge in a range of epicurean degustation menus based on mushrooms foraged from the forest. Also enjoy Bhutanese banquets, Bhutanese fusion dishes such as momos – Bhutanese dumplings filled with hand-picked matsutake mushrooms and braised yak bourguignon, as well as cooking classes and signature dining events at luxury resorts across the kingdom.



Join Flagship Luxury Expeditions for a culinary adventure like no other as you visit the world’s most remote and pristine destinations. With fully customizable opportunities available to suit your preferences, our luxury travel experts are dedicated to providing the ultimate culinary experience.