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flagship travel bubble

Flagship Travel Bubble


What better way to travel than in a private jet – creating a travel bubble of friends and family from the moment your journey begins? Your private lounge at the airport awaits, along with private ground handling and a small professional crew on board your immaculate jet. Forget the ques and the crowds as you are whisked through immigration on arrival by your private concierge, then met by a personal driver who will transport you to your private yacht or luxury lodgings.


Our yacht journeys in Indonesia will lead you on an exhilarating yet supremely comfortable adventure to magical places seemingly lost in time. From the desert islands and untouched coral reefs of Raja Ampat to the historic Spice Islands and the rugged isles of Komodo National Park. Here in these remote lands, social distancing isn’t a government decree – it’s a way of life, and our destinations are so pristine and isolated that it’s easy to avoid contact with anyone apart from those included in your luxury travel bubble. And when it comes to onboard safety you can rest assured that our boats have all been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and our professional staff – from chefs to dive masters to housekeepers are all fully trained in the highest health and hygiene standards.


For those keen to explore majestical and mysterious Bhutan, our fully customisable tours include a private chauffeur for the duration of your trip, and luxurious lodgings in small boutique resorts such as Aman and Six Senses – where social distancing is easily observed and 5-star hygiene is the norm. Choose to visit far-flung monasteries and unique cultural sites or merely soak up the majestic scenery as you hike the mountain trails in search of white cranes or forage for wild mushrooms on a customised Culinary Tour.


How about a gourmet travel bubble? The cuisine is a highlight on any Flagship Luxury Expedition but for foodies with a sense of adventure, a Hosted Culinary Tour with our very own master chef and CEO Shane Lewis creates a next-level travel experience. Dine on the freshest bounty from the sea, wander through fragrant nutmeg plantations and enjoy casual beachside cooking classes on a Culinary Expedition to the Spice Islands. Or perhaps you would prefer a highly memorable Bhutan Culinary Expedition, exploring the stunning mountain landscape, foraging for wild fungi and fern tips and enjoying nightly gourmet dining experiences.

Each and every Flagship Luxury Expedition is fully customisable, allowing for as much or as little social interaction as you feel comfortable with. The world may have changed but our commitment to creating experiential, life-enriching expeditions tailored to personal taste and preference remain the same. Our team of luxury travel experts will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your trip is everything you have ever dreamed of and more.

Please contact us now to start planning your trip of a lifetime.

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