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Seasonal Celebrations with Aman Indonesia

Aman Resorts Festive Season

The most festive season of Aman Luxury Resorts on the islands of Indonesia is vibrant with celebrations, reflections of the past year, ancient traditions, and quality time. While these tropical settings are known for their world-renowned festivities during the Christmas and New Year seasons, Aman inspires unique celebrations all year-round.

Amankila - Bali

Amankila Resort rests upon the hillside of Indrakila on Bali’s stunning East Coast. A short drive to the Bat Temple Goa Lawah (one of the top six sanctuaries in the world), and the Sideman Rice Paddies, Amankila provides an ideal destination for private celebrations, adventurous endeavours, and rich cultural experiences. 


Christmas and New Year festivities include feasts of Balinese delicacies, local night markets, live music, and invigorating fire dances. For year-round visits, guests can lift their spirits with laughing yoga, relax in the iconic three-tiered infinity pool with ocean views, explore diverse terrain by bicycle, and round out the day with a relaxing sunset cruise.

Amandari - Bali

Amandari is secluded and serene, offering breathtaking views and immersion into the center of Bali’s “cultural heart”. Natural beauty abounds, vibrant colors carry the notes of history, and a renewed sense of connection to the Earth is something this spectacular atmosphere insists. 


Designed after a traditional Balinese village on the Ayung River Gorge, Amandiri offers free-standing guest suites and winding pathways, all leading to your next big celebration. In the festive Christmas season, guests can assist in preparing a traditional Balinese meal for the local village with top Aman chefs, enjoy the village tree-lighting ceremony accompanied by live music, and watch a performance of the Kedewatan Village dance by local children. Year-round festivities offer tours of the ancient temples, time with local healers, and a rare insight into the Balinese way of life. At Amandari, you’ll find the time and space to finally stop, relax, and breathe as you re-connect with loved ones and explore the uniquities only this region has to offer.

Aman Villas - Nusa Dua

The Aman Villas sing of gilded beaches and oceanside temples lined with lush tropical gardens. Located on Bali’s Southernmost Penninsula, Aman Villas offer private beach access to the Coast of Nusa Dua with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Spacious privacy and flourishing plant life provide the perfect setting for celebrations of any kind. 


Experience an unforgettable Christmas season at Aman Villas with live music, Balinese dance performances, and fireworks over the Indian Ocean to ring in the new year. Year-round festivities include locally-sourced cuisine catered to your specific needs, world-class golfing in a tropical setting, and a one-of-a-kind exploration through Indonesia’s unique landscape.

Amanjiwo - Java

Amanjiwo is the ideal destination for exploring the region’s most historical, artistic, and cultural attractions. Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for its natural ambiance and restorative setting, the Amanjiwo luxury hotel overlooks the ancient 9th-century Buddhist sanctuary of Borobudur.


While Amanjiwo offers the ideal setting for peace and serenity year-round, make sure to visit for the Christmas Eve celebrations! The traditions open with a string quartet while guests enjoy a four-course Italian dinner, followed by a Javanese Mask Dance. New Year celebrations are just as vibrant, with traditional dance performances and exceptional food followed by a countdown to midnight where everyone raises their glass to Borobudur. Other activities include an explorative 7-hour train ride through Java, temple tours and hikes, and authentic dining experiences.

Amanwana - Moyo Island

Amanwana stands alone as the only resort on Moyo Island. Tucked into East Bali’s Moyo Nature Reserve, Amanwana offers an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking to connect with the unique natural wonders of the region. 


Snorkeling and scuba diving create the perfect year-round activity for exploring the vast sea life of the underwater world, while adventures by land boast waterfall excursions, jungle ridge walks, and a diverse array of wild birdlife. A stay in one of the 12 high-luxury guest tents guarantees daily sightings of undisturbed wildlife, including monkeys, deer, birds, and turtles. 


The Christmas season in Amanwana is active, offering Indonesian street food, foraging excursions, fish market lunches, sunset cocktail parties, beach barbeques, and a New Year’s Eve event with fireworks, champagne, and caviar.

Ready for an unforgettable Festive Season?

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