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4 luxury travel trends after the global pandemic

Our Predictions of Luxury Travel After Global Pandemic

Luxury travel will undoubtedly be different after the global pandemic. People are craving travel more than ever before but are seeking to explore the world away from the crowds. With new protocols, changed mindsets, and an overall shift in lifestyles, here are 4 luxury travel trends we’re predicting after the global pandemic:


Hotels are booking quickly, so luxury travelers are looking for seamless travel to a place where they don’t need to be near people. A prime example: Antarctica. Remote, mountainous and heavily glaciated, Antarctica is the most southern continent in the world, an icy wonderland with a fantastic landscape unlike anywhere else on the planet. Flagship offers exclusive luxury travel via a private jet charter into the heart of the Great White Continent, to explore this uncharted territory away from crowds of people.


Other options for remote luxury travel include private yacht expeditions. Whether organizing an exhilarating dive quest to the Coral Triangle, a seafaring adventure for the entire family or a magical voyage of discovery to pristine islands lost in time, a private yacht allows you to take in the sights away from the masses.


In a recent survey, 97% of respondents say having a trip planned makes them happier. With a surplus of vacation time left over, many people are ready to start mapping out their upcoming travel as the pandemic begins to fade.


However, the global pandemic has added a bit of complexity to travel for the time being. As a result, many people are looking to professional travel agencies to help them plan a seamless trip.

Professionals will help provide you with the health and safety protocols you need to have a smooth travel expedition.


According to aviation consultancy WingX, the number of commercial flights between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15 was reduced by 50% while private flights only saw a 10% drop. Covid has forced many to reconsider how they travel. In order to avoid crowds of people and airport busyness, many are opting for private jet travel. Not only does flying by private jet help to avoid the crowds but is also a more accessible and luxurious way to get to your ultimate destination.


According to People, sixty-seven percent of people cannot wait to experience new sights and sounds in person, and they are willing to shell out nearly $7,000 just to travel again. Additionally, the goal of travel for many people has shifted. Many now have a focus on wellness and self-care for their travels, to make up for the year spent indoors and in their homes.


Experiences like our Luxury Desert Getaway provide the opportunity to enjoy Epicurean cuisine, 5-star amenities and signature spa treatments for a heavenly dessert retreat experience.


Ready to embark on a luxurious, tailor-made expedition to one of our pristine, luxurious destinations? Contact our team at Flagship Luxury Expeditions now to request your customized itinerary.


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