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A day in Antarctica

Day trip to Antarctica

Enjoy a short trip to Antarctica in a day to discover the hidden beauty of the white desert


Embark on the most fabulous day trip to Antarctica as you board a Gulfstream private jet in Cape Town bound for the White Desert continent. With a flight time of just five hours enjoy incredible views of thousands of icebergs as you soar over the Southern Ocean before descending into Eastern Antarctica. You will be met by polar guides who will lead you on a gentle hike to picnic at the base of a nearby mountain surrounded by jagged monoliths of rock protruding from ice and snow.
Feeling more daring? One of our seasoned guides will lead you to a nearby summit for spectacular views over the Wolf’s Fang mountain range. This short trip is available as a dedicated charter for 12 passengers or you can book a single seat – either way this is a one-day trip to Antarctica that you will never forget.
cycling experience in antarctica
Hiking experience in Antarctica


  • Travel to Antarctica in a day in supreme comfort by Gulfstream private jet
  • Picnic lunch and hike amidst a stunning polar landscape
  • Options for mountain climbing

Best For

A unique and exhilarating day trip, and the most accessible and affordable way to visit Antarctica.

When to Visit

While winters are harsh and inhospitable our Antarctic expeditions take place in the milder summer months from November to March when temperatures reach up to a pleasant 15ºC (59ºF). With 24-hour sunlight, the long summer days grant plenty of time to explore the scenic wonderland.

One Day Itinerary

Dare to Dream

Luxury holidays into the heart of Antarctica

Your health and wellbeing are top of mind, our health and safety protocols in Antarctica are fully prepared to make your journey more delightful. With a limited group size of 12 and strict bio-security measures, Antarctica is one of the safest places to visit in 2021 and beyond.