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South Pole Odyssey

Tailor-Made Travel Experience to the South Pole

Journey into the heart of Antarctica for majestic scenery, emperor penguin encounters and the chance to overnight at the South Pole


When it comes to bucket list destinations, it’s hard to beat the South Pole. Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s boldest explorers as you head into the Great White Continent and become one of the privileged few to ever reach the most southerly point on the planet. This exhilarating expedition includes travel to Antarctica via Gulfstream private jet as well as additional flights to an emperor penguin colony and the South Pole.


Accommodation is provided in state-of-the-art sleeping pods at Whichaway Camp – the only luxury accommodation in Antarctica, where a maximum of 12 guests ensures a highly personalized experience. Your expedition is fully customisable with options to explore shimmering ice tunnels, kite surf, abseil from mountain summits and scale glaciers. After an exhilarating day discovering the incredible landscape, unwind with cocktails in the Snow Bar and enjoy nightly gastronomic dining experiences paired with award-winning wines.


  • Travel to Antarctica by luxury Gulfstream private jet
  • Spend the night at the lowest point of the world – the South Pole
  • Get up close and personal with emperor penguins
  • Explore ice tunnels, discover ice waves, learn to ice climb
  • Enjoy the only luxury accommodation in Antarctica enhanced by gourmet dining and fine wines

Best For

This expedition provides a thrilling opportunity to be one of the very few people ever to have traveled to the bottom of the earth – the South Pole. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers will be treated to one of the greatest natural spectacles on the planet with a visit to an emperor penguin colony, while those looking for extreme adventure will be satiated with abseiling, ice climbing and scaling glaciers.

When to Visit

While winters are harsh and inhospitable, our Antarctic expeditions take place in the milder summer months from November to March when temperatures reach up to a pleasant 15ºC (59ºF) Fahrenheit. With 24-hour sunlight, the long summer days grant plenty of time to explore the scenic wonderland.

9 Days / 8 Nights Itinerary

  • Day 1

    Cape Town | Antarctica

    Following an extensive safety briefing by your professional polar guides in Cape Town, South Africa, board a Gulfstream private jet for a supremely comfortable five-hour flight over the iceberg-strewn Southern Ocean. Crossing the polar circle we fly into 24-hour daylight and the sun won’t set until your return flight to Africa. Touching down at Wolf’s Fang ice runway you will be transferred to your luxury accommodation in a state-of-the-art pod at Whichaway Camp.

  • Day 2

    Ice Waves | Ice Climbing

    Experience the fantastical landscape surrounding camp which is located deep in Eastern Antarctica next to an ice lake and a dramatic 200-foot ice cliff.

  • Day 3

    Emperor Penguin Colony

    A two-hour scenic flight via Basler BT-67 provides startling views of the high polar plateau before landing at the emperor penguin colony – home to 6000 penguins and their young chicks. The largest of the penguin species, emperors are only found in Antarctica and these flightless birds are unafraid of humans allowing you to come within a few metres.

  • Day 4

    Ice Tunnels

    Join our experienced polar guides to explore an other-worldly maze of glistening blue ice tunnels and caves that have been sculpted by seasonal melt water. In the afternoon visit a nearby science base to learn about the important research work conducted here in the most southerly continent in the world.

  • Day 5

    The South Pole

    Early in the morning we board a Dc3 Basler plane for a seven-hour flight revealing an endless panorama of snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes and glaciers glistening in the sunlight. Have your passport stamped, take a tour of the base and enjoy the sensation of standing on the southern-most point of the earth – an experience you will never forget.

  • Day 6

    South Pole | Base Camp

    After a night spent camping in specialist tents at the South Pole, indulge in a hearty hot breakfast before boarding the plane for the flight back to Whichaway, once again enjoying the truly startling scenery and the vastness of this land of snow and ice.

  • Day 7

    Abseil Nunatak Mountain

    In the afternoon climb to the summit of a nearby nunatak (a stony peak protruding from a glacier) for panoramic views over Schirmacher Oasis and the option to abseil down from the summit.

  • Day 8

    The Frozen Sea

    Join us for an adventurous hike along a cliff path with a dramatic vista of sea ice that has folded into immense rock-solid ice waves by constant pressure from the Southern Ocean.

  • Day 9

    Antarctica | South Africa

    Say farewell to Antarctica as you board the Gulfstream private jet bound for South Africa and enjoy your last tantalising views of this remarkable continent and the mighty Southern Ocean that surrounds it. The trip may have come to an end but your memories of Antarctica will last a lifetime.

  • Day 10


    Rise early for your morning game safari. Thanks to a healthy population, this is one of the best spots in Africa to spot endangered rhinoceros and your expert guides know just where to find them. Enjoy a magical boat picnic for lunch, then relax with a spa treatment or yoga session ahead of your Night Sounds Safari to discover nocturnal life in the African bush.

    Dare to Dream

    Luxury holidays into the heart of Antarctica

    Your health and wellbeing are top of mind, our health and safety protocols in Antarctica are fully prepared to make your journey more delightful. With a limited group size of 12 and strict bio-security measures, Antarctica is one of the safest places to visit in 2021 and beyond.

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