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Strength in Details of Luxury Travel

Strength in Details

You might be wondering, “what sets Flagship apart from any other luxury travel agency?”. The answer is in the details. Flagship Luxury Expeditions matches you with an expert luxury travel concierge whose first order of business is to get to know you as an individual: what lights you up, what is your definition of adventure, what are your favorite seasons, what are your dreams and goals, and what brings you the most comfort in life and travel? Your Flagship concierge will be your main point of contact before, during, and after your trip, providing all the best resources for every need and desire when it comes to your personalized luxury travel itinerary.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Book With Flagship…

Personalized Expeditions Curated By An Expert Travel Concierge

At Flagship Luxury Expeditions, no two trips are exactly the same. Every itinerary that was created by our team of luxury travel advisors, reflects the client’s unique personality as an individual. We listen to what lights you up and plan your experience around every detail. 


We’ll match the best concierge to your unique needs as we begin the booking process. They will then become your main point of contact and assist you in building the ideal itinerary, including travel plans to your destination, experiences during your stay, and preferences for the journey back. 


Your One-Stop Luxury Travel Shop to Anywhere in the World

Our centralized system places your comfort above all other factors. Whether you’re booking a winter getaway or a tropical holiday in the sun, we’ll get you where you want to go. Other travel agencies require extra time and effort from the client to convey the same travel preferences multiple times throughout the booking process. Flagship keeps your travel history on record so we can generate the best and most personalized itinerary for every future expedition. 


We Have Worldwide Partnerships

Our offices in New York (US), Bali (Indonesia), and Paro (Bhutan) ensure the travel destination guides we partner with are knowledgable locals representing Flagship all over the world. Each guide possesses an insatiable interest in culture and preserving the authenticity of the destination. They take pride in sharing their knowledge and resources with you throughout your experience. 


Let’s Get Started on Your Next Dream Adventure…

Ready to book the most personalized travel expedition you’ve ever experienced? Flagship Luxury Expeditions is the top boutique luxury travel agency, offering unique itineraries to the best destinations around the world. Contact us to start planning your next great adventure! 

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